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Preserved Summer In A Box

As a full blown worshiper of summer, I have been drawn to collect the beautiful, elegant pieces of this energizing season in 2018. My intention was to bring this collection of dried and preserved goodies out during the white, winter months and create for the fun of it all. When a friend’s birthday required a gift card holder here was the invitation to play. So one snowed-in February weekend this happened. t

Want To Do This Too?

1. Find the materials you want to work with.

2. For fresh items (flowers) dry each item in the shape you might like to use.

ei. If you want a flower to look straight on the stem, try it it up with a string and hanging it upside down.

With the help of gravity the flower will dry straight.

3. Find the vessel to create on. In my case it is the matchbox. But it could be anything!

4. Paint your vessel. Use sparkles. Decorate with felts. Be creative.

5. I used hot glue to secure all the 3D materials. It's fairly quick drying. But slow enough to stick more

things onto the glue spots that are showing and cover them up.

Have fun! Would love to see a photo of what you came up with.

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